Greetings (您好):

Thanks for visiting the Harmony Institute for Earth Care Inc. (HIEC Inc.)--a nonprofit, bilingual group that provides language assistance and promotes US-China collaboration on the education and research about the stability of the Earth's Climate System under anthropogenic forcing.

欢迎来到和谐地球研究所. 我们是一个提供语言服务,促进中美在气候变迁方面合作的非盈利双语组织。

More specifically, the objectives and purposes of HIEC are:


1. conduct research to better understand the stability of the climate system including the human component under anthropogenic forcing.


2. provide bilingual training to scientists and educators in climate change science and the related areas


3.educate the world public about the working of the climate system.


4. promote communication and collaboration between the climate change scientists and educators in the U.S and those in China.


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