Harmony Institute for Earth Care Inc. (HIEC)is a nonprofit, bilingual group that taps into the bilingual skill in the climate science community to further education and research about the stability of the Earth's Climate System under anthropogenic forcing. HIEC is particularly interested in enhancing exchange and collaboration between the U.S. and China.

和谐地球研究所是一个非营利的双语组织。 其功能是充分利用气候科学团体中的双语技能,以促进关于包括人类社会在内的气候系统在现代人类活动强迫下稳定性的教育和研究, 特别是中美之间的在此领域的合作和交流。

More specifically, the objectives and purposes of HIEC are:


  1. conduct research to better understand the stability of the climate system including the human component under anthropogenic forcing.

  2. provide bilingual training to scientists and educators in climate change science and the related areas
  3. 提供气候变迁科学领域的双语教育。
  4. educate the world public about the working of the climate system.
  5. 帮世界助大众了解气候系统
  6. promote communication and collaboration between the climate change scientists and educators in the U.S and those in China.
  7. 推进中美在气候变迁科学领域教育和研究的交流。

    The institute organizes a suite of activities to serve these objectives, including research, education, and outreaching activities especially directed to China. On research, we focus on the stability of the climate system under anthropogenic forcing. On education, we focus on training the next generation scientists and educators in a bilingual context. We also place emphasis on educating the public about the stability of the climate system to foster a deeper appreciation of the delicate balance of the various forces maintaining its stability. Our outreaching activities promote international communication and collaboration among the scientists and educators, in particular, those between the United States and China. We offer consulting and training and continuing education services to Chinese educators and researchers in the area of climate change science including language assistance to publish their research in international journals. We also provide assistance to aid the Chinese students and scholars to come to the U.S. to study climate change science.

    研究所通过研究,教育,和专对中国相关人员的交流沟通活动实现研究所的功能和目的。 在研究方面,我们集中在气候系统不稳定性上。 我们的教育活动着重双语教育。 我们也希望利用我们的优势加深大众对气候系统的稳定性的了解。 我们特别对增进中美在对气候系统不稳定性方面的交流和切磋感兴趣。