Services (产品和服务)

Climate: Questions and Answers


Got a question about the earth's climate system? Email your question directly to us at . We will answer your question in light of the most recent advances in climate science and may even develop a joint research project with you.

对关于气候的问题要问? 请把你的问题寄给我们 (, 我们会尽力基于气候科学的最新发展对你的问题做出回答,或者和你一起研究。

Advising You on Your Thesis Research (博士论文辅导)

Would you like to gain an edge over your classmates in completing your thesis and publishing your results by having an expert of ours to advise you ? We provide regular consulting or mentoring services to graduate students seeking for a Ph.D degree through online correspondence.


Assisting you to publish papers in SCI-Indexed Journals.


Would like to publish your results in the top-notch journals in climate change science, but not sure whether your English is up to the standard? We offer language as well as style assistance to Chinese researchers to publish their research timely in these top-notch journals.

希望能在国际著名期刊发表你的论文,但不知你的英文是不过关? 我们提供语言服务,帮你修改论文,使你的论文不会因为语言不地道不被接受和发表。

Assisting you to find a postdoctoral/visiting scientist position (赴美工作/深造服务)

Would like to refine your skill or simply accumulate working experience in the area of climate change science in the leading U.S institutes, but need advice or referral to better your chance to find a research position in the U.S.? Contact us, and we will help you.


Training and continuing education for meteorologists, Climatologists, and other environmental personnel

We provide training and continuing education for Meteorologists, Climatologists, and other Personnel who work in the area of environmental science and technology, either independently or in collaboration with COAA/ITEC in Washington D.C.


If you need any services listed above, please email your requests to Service@HarmonyforEarth.Org