Training and Continuing Education of Meteorologists, Climatologists, and other Environmental Personnel


We provide training and continuing education for Meteorologists, Climatologists, and other Personnel who work in the area of environmental science and technology, either independently or in collaboration with COAA/ITEC in Washington D.C.


Boulder is home for National Center for Atmospheric Research , National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, and University of Colorado at Boulder. There are more than one thousand experts in various disciplines of environmental science working in this town whom HIEC can count on to provide training and education in the area of environmental science and technology. Many of these experts are fluent in Chinese.

HIEC 所在的 石头城是美国大气研究中心,美国国家海洋气象局,卡洛大多大学 所在地,有上千以上的气象,气候,和其他环境科学专家在此工作, 其中很多人讲流利的中文,并愿意通过HIEC对有需的中国的气象气候和其他环保人员提供有关培训。

To arrange a training through HIEC, send a letter of interest to